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Universal ARD Elevator Controller

Universal ARD Elevator Controller is used in several application areas like shopping malls, hospitals, apartments, etc. Universal ARD Elevator Controller is actually an advanced rescue system used for rescuing passengers trapped in an elevator. It is safely used to save the passengers to the nearest floor within minutes of power failure and give instant relief to the passengers. We share glorious credentials in the list of top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Universal ARD Elevator Controller.

Important Points

  • Can be interfaced with any controller either single speed or V3F.
  • Only safety chain of main controller needs to be routed from this controller.
  • Terminal limit switches of main controller can also be interfaced optionally.
  • Inclusive with battery and battery charger.
  • Motor supply, brake, Retiring Cam and auto door supply are connected parallel to existing supply and becomes active only during ARD operation.
  • Saves battery life and improves number of starts because of current sensing.


  • There is small adjustable delay in taking over of ARD operation after power shut down to accommodate mechanical stabilization of entire system and to protect gear box.
  • Once system stabilizes, and safety chain is detected, inverter section starts and 110vdc is generated to activate R Cam.
  • Then motor rotates once clockwise and once anti-clockwise and compares current in both directions. And continues to run in the direction where current consumption is low to save batteries.


Type Universal
Use for Elevator Control
Voltage 320 V
Power 5-10 Kw
Power Source Electric
Warranty 1 Year